*Deliverable to Seattle & surrounding area residents only. See delivery tab for more details. 


Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate  -  32 oz Glass Growler  -  Original Black 


Make it how you like it!

enjoy the concentrate straight or diluted; over ice or heated up.


If diluting, use equal parts Finca Brew + your favorite mix-in (water, milk, non-dairy milk). Adjust ratio based on your taste. 


Pour over ice or add Finca Brew to a heated mix-in and enjoy it hot!


Makes 8 drinks. Keep refrigerated. 14-day shelf life.


We filter, bottle and chill Finca Brew on Mondays, and deliver on Tuesdays. The deadline for Tuesday delivery is Saturdays at 10pm. 


At this time Finca Brew is only available to Seattle and surrounding area residents. See delivery tab for more details. 

Finca Brew Original Black 32 fl oz


    Small-batch cold brew coffee concentrate made in Seattle, WA.

    18-hour brew time. Triple filtered for clarity. 



    Finca Brew is made with single-farm, specialty coffee directly sourced from  Huila, Colombia.

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