Don't skimp on quality this holiday season. These single serving whole bean bags are the perfect travel companion or gift.


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About this coffee

Single-origin, specialty coffee grown at Campo Bello in San Agustin, Colombia. Produced by Edimer Ome and Edwin Gonzales. Caturra & Varieded Colombia varietals. Grown at 1800 - 2200 masl. Fully washed. Bright acidity with notes of caramel & cocoa and floral aromas.


25 Grams Closer to the Perfect Pour Over 

Step 1: Bring 375 grams (1.5 cups) of water to a boil


Step 2: Grind entire contents (25 grams) of Finca whole bean bag to a medium-coarse texture -- think sea salt.


Step 3: Place filter in dripper and pre-wet with hot water. Dump water before brewing.


Step 4: Add ground coffee to filter. Tap to level grounds. Place dripper atop cup or carafe.


Step 5: Pour 60 grams (2 oz) hot water on grounds -- start at the rim and spiral inward, saturating all grounds. Pause for 30 seconds to let coffee bloom. 


Step 6: Pour 90 grams (3 oz) hot water on grounds -- start at the center and slowly spiral outward toward the rim. This pour takes 45-65 seconds.


Step 7: Pour 100 grams hot water on grounds from center outward. This pour takes 15-20 seconds. 


Step 8: Pour remaining 100 grams hot water on grounds. This pour takes 20 seconds. 

Whole Bean Sample Bag 25g


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