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ethically sourced coffee

Our cold brew is made in Seattle using single origin, specialty coffee. Each batch starts with a fresh roast that was specifically developed to bring out the best of the bean when its cold brewed. Our process involves slow brewing the coffee for 18 hours and triple filtering for clarity. Trust us, it's worth the wait.

We work exclusively with the coffee producers of Campo Bello, which ensures the coffee we buy is fresh, of the highest quality and farmed responsibly. Our partnership with Campo Bello also allows us to put more money back in their hands and as a result directly impacts their ability to farm quality coffees and grow their business outside of our relationship. 

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Finca Brew starts with the beans. For us, this means building relationships and investing in the people who grow the coffee we buy. The more we invest in our coffee growing partners, they more they invest in us, and at the end of the day that means better tasting cold brew for you. 


From our partnership with the coffee producers at Campo Bello, we've learned how their livelihood is intimately tied to the volatility of the coffee market, for better or for worse. Our goal is to step in where we can to close the gaps that ultimately cut down their wages -- we purchase direct trade, pay fair a wage, and provide monetary incentives to better support the day-to-day work needed to cultivate high-quality coffees. 

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